3 Living Room Must-Haves

Moving houses or just a refurbishment, it can always be difficult to find the perfect furniture that suits your preference. At Modernique, we have a huge variety of furniture that is suited for the living room, bedroom or the dining room. Today, we will be presenting what we believe are our top 3 MUST-HAVE products for the living room. Whether you have guests over or it’s just you hanging out in the house, these products will transform your living room and give it the chic makeover it so desperately needs.


Up first is our FIORE Set. This absolutely gorgeous set consists of a matching coffee table, nest of 3 tables set, TV Stand, display cabinet and so much more! The best aspect of this is that it’s all handmade! Our talented craftspeople have created this with a perfect craft flower design pattern. It has got a white gloss finish MDF with a black tempered glass. What else could be more fashionable than this?

2) HAND-CRAFTED Antique Side Table

This stunning table is all you could dream of. It has got a clear tempered glass top. It is a true inspiration of art. Each individual piece is hand-painted and hand-crafted to true excellence. Now, this doesn’t mean that we’ve compromised on quality- the gold and silver-plated design is PERMANENT hand-painted work! Just imagine buying something that just…never wears out! BRB, I’m starting to dream about this *insert heart eyes emoji*


This luxurious lamp is available in Cream-Gold and Black-Gold. It has got an impeccable 16” fancy shade and the lamp itself has a striking diamante design. This piece is ALSO hand-crafted! It is nothing short of true perfection. This piece comes in various different styles – be prepared to make the hardest decision for your living room (or bedroom, if you want) !!



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